A healthy development workflow

With GIT, multi-environment support and easy code access

The evry-day-hassle of a web developer

As a web developer you deal with multiple ftp usernames and passwords, different version control solutions and ways to deploy. It often gets messy, both when thinking about security and maintenance on your infrastructure.


With netflex, we think differently.

Each netflex-site comes with a powerful set of development tools. Git repo for every site with strict backup routines, test-, dev-, staging and production environments available at all times, full redundancy support and off course our powerful api as a foundation.

Easy to set up

Using sftp and your username and password from netflex, it is easy to get access to all your sites without having to administer a massive amount of credentials. Its more secure and more usable for the developers. Access can be controlled in the admin gui.

Branch = environment

Each branch has its own environment, and you can create as many environments as you want to in addition to the dev, stage and prod that are standard branches. 


Single sign-in

As always, you use your netflex username and password to access all sites and branches that is available in your account via sftp. Use coda, eclipse or whatever software you prefer for working with your site. Need to make quick changes on the go? Netflex has an internal browser ide that is fast and easy to use. It even works together with our workflow.

Branch = environment

For each branch you have in your site, you also have a testing environment. No more running local installations of the site! You work directly on the sftp server, and you can always preview your site on yourbranch.yoursite.netflex.website. 

Deployment included

When you push your developer invironment to staging, the code will automatically be deployed to the environment of your choice through sftp, or you can use our cloud web-servers if you want to. Need a load-balancer with 20 servers? No problem.

The workflow

Pre defined branches

Netflex comes with three pre-defined branches: Development, staging and production. The staging and production branches are merge-to-only branches, and the development is, as the name suggests, a development branch. 

Custom branches

You can add as many development branches as you want to. All custom branches can be merged to the development branch, and you are being warned about conflicts.

Unlimited redundancy

The staging and production environment has multi deployment support. This means that you can deploy your site to as many servers as you want to. It enables multi-server redundancy support on all levels, since our cdn, api and then also webservers will have full redundancy. This is unique!