Packed with the features you need

Flexible products and modules to adapt to your project

Six products, one platform

The netflex platform is split in six products so it fits your project in the best possible way. The products all have their cause and together they work as a one-size-fits-all platform for both small and large projects. All products are plug-and-play with single-sign-on, tight integrations and one common user interface.

Content and data

Netflex Builder

Content management and inline editing. Delivers pages with content, based on revisions. Integrated governance-monitoring and analytics.

Netflex Structures

Build custom data models and views and add and edit entries. Ideal for your product directories or employee data. Tightly integrated with builder, commerce and relations.

Netflex Foundation

The netflex starting-pack. Contains the developer platform, asset management, settings and indexing engines.

Sales, marketing and analytics

Netflex Commerce

Take orders and reservations, administer your stock and create coupons. Has integrated sales analytics and web analytics from builder.

Netflex Observe

Merge analytics data from builder, relations and commerce together with external data from google products, beacons or social media. Makes you able to take better decisions on your next steps and learn from previous actions.

Netflex Relations

Customer contact and marketing automation. Store customer and subscriber data, send sms and newsletters both manually and automatically. Integrated analytics from mandrill and google analytics.