The Netflex API

One api to rule them all

Security and performance

Content management systems with databases are totally last year. With an api, absolutely everything is reachable through one point of contact. You know you can trust it, because we are using the API ourselves as the foundation of all our services.

Redundand and fast

The Netflex API is built on Amazon AWS. It is redundant, multi region and blazing fast with built in caching. 

Not only for websites

Netflex can be used on any way imaginable. Maybe you want to build your own shopping app, using our commerce api?

Why use an api instead of databases?

Multi platform

Use the netflex api to feed data into your applications without connectors and plugins. The api is json-based and is easy to integrate into most platforms and languages.


Using an api removes a lot of security risks on your webservers. You access the api with your netflex username and password and a site token.

Fast and redundant

We cache all requests and the api is multi region. This means that it will never be down and it is faster than your database. Period.

Technical stuff

Built on node

The api is a REST Api built on node

Running on amazon AWS

Using amazon elastic beanstalk

Well documented

Documentation with examples available for all endpoints