Meet the Netflex platform

The all-you-need platform for all web projects

 For the end user

Incredibly easy to use

We focus on great ux. The netflex admin gui is intuitive and is built with the end-user in mind. It makes it easy to create and edit content, send newsletters and sms, handling orders and reservations and understanding how all this performs, so that you can improve the conversion.

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In context editing

In netflex, you edit your content directly in the design both for sites and newsletters, so you know how things will look before you publish or send. Netflex also makes it easy to embed content, it compresses images for you, and it gives you tips on what should be improved. With Netflex Observe, your site governance and analytics also is integrated in the same context.

Powerful analytics

Great performance is made by learning as your site evolves. Netflex Observe is a powerful analytics tool directly integrated with our platform. It gathers data from a number of services, including google analytics, mandrill, facebook insights, our sms services and more, to make you understand the choices you make and improve your site conversion.

 For designers

No footprint

Netflex has no footprint on your design. You may use whatever front-end code you want to, and you may develop it yourself, or use pre-defined templates.

No need for heavy back-end

Trust us, we've got your back on the technical stuff. Our api-clients is well documented and is used by adding small code pieced where you want to be able to edit your content.


We think atomic

When you put your designs into netflex, you break it down into components, blocks and templates. It is built with atomic design in mind. Then you build pages easily with our builder tool. It makes it possible to create unique layouts without locking the end-user down to template-thinking. 

  For developers

One api to rule them all

Netflex is completely api based. No risky database connections, no weird joins and no heavy lifting for your servers. All data is delivered as json, and we serve you api clients. You can also use our api directly to your mobile app or other environment.

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We improve your performance

The netflex developer platform is built with a set of power-tools to automagically improve your site performance. We minify css/js, we merge and compile your less/sass files and compress your images based on device width. On top of that, we deliver every asset through a CDN.

A healthy workflow

Netflex has built in multi-environment support built on git. You may add as many custom environments as you want to. Netflex deploys code automatically for you, so if you have 99 webservers, thats no problem at all.

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